I'm Keith. I'm 27. I'm Australian. I've never really been the kind of person who fits in, anywhere.

I tend to stand out, for better or worse. I tend not to care what most people think of me, except the people who encourage me to keep being me.

I'm the kind of guy who will quite happily walk down the street in a trenchcoat, top hat, vest, and tie, and not care about the weird looks I get.

I've got three piercings, and one tattoo. I'm looking to get more tattoos, but I'm not sure about more piercings.

I vent my frustrations, anxiety, and depression by writing what could be described as rock music inspired poetry, and frequently by just simply writing about them on this very blog.

I believe the world would be a better place, if we could each make an effort, at least once per day, to make someone else smile.

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I had a visitor tonight.

This is a Tawny Frogmouth, I’m pretty sure.

They’re very similar to owls, but they’re not owls.

Final thought of the day: There is a certain point…

Where being edgy, and/or controversial just to get attention, goes too far.

It’s right around the same point that the obvious joking tone in what you say disappears, I think. As soon as people start to think you’re serious on a regular basis, you need to consider if your methods are the problem.

It bothers me that so many people I know seem bound and determined to fragment society as much as possible.

I mean, the reasons that some people choose not to associate with other people are often so trivial, and so superficial, that it makes me wonder how they find anyone to associate with at all.


Ghost Rider cover by Clayton Crain.

I may have had this in poster size, on the wall of my bedroom for about 5 years, until it got so old and damaged it had to be taken down.


Ghost Rider cover by Clayton Crain.

I may have had this in poster size, on the wall of my bedroom for about 5 years, until it got so old and damaged it had to be taken down.

Wrestling post of the day: WWE Champion Material.

I’d like to make a post here about what should make someone WWE Champion material.

First, and foremost, is the ability to tell a compelling story in between the ropes. Some of those we’d call the greatest champions of all time haven’t been the greatest wrestlers… just the best at keeping you interested.

Second, is charisma. As champion, you’re expected to engage in compelling rivalries. In order to do that, you need to be able to verbally engage the crowd in what you’re doing.

Third, is being willing to do what’s right for the company, even if you don’t personally agree with it. If WWE gave creative control to everyone who complained for long enough, they would have never made it past 1997.

And finally, fourth, is also very important. Willingness to interact with your fans. Here’s the thing… in wrestling, if you’re at the top of the business, whether you’re playing a hero, or a villain, you -will- have fans who respect you for your work. You have to remember, without the fans, you’re nothing, so to treating the fans like dirt, is eventually going to come back to bite you.

It’s for reasons like this, that I feel like Brock Lesnar is a terrible choice for the champion… But at the same time, it’ll make the payoff that much more meaningful if the new champion fits all of these.

Final thought of the day: Another life lesson from me.

I’ve often found that the easiest way to find out who your real friends are, is to see their reactions to things you like that they don’t care about. 

A real friend will often say nothing, or perhaps ask legitimate questions about it anyway.

Someone who’s not such a good friend, will ask questions like “Why do you like this?”, in an obviously negative manner, or will simply not pay any attention at all.

This rule, of course, isn’t foolproof, but it’s got a high degree of accuracy. Appreciate the people who like to be around you even if you’re not doing something they particularly enjoy.

A life lesson from me: It is better to be alone, than to put up with people who treat you like you mean less to them than they mean to you.

Either way, you’ll probably be unhappy. But, at least if you’re on your own, you know what to expect. 

If you’re putting up with people who act like they’re doing you a favour by being your friend, you’re going to keep getting hurt when you reach for happiness. And that’s just no way to live.

I find that I prefer to follow blogs where people make posts about their own lives…

Sure, I’m not saying that anyone should change how they run their blog because of me, but, for some reason, even if I’ve never met someone, I still seem to find people’s life stories interesting.

So, if you’re one of those people who likes to tell Tumblr your stories, thank you.

If someone claims they are being abused… don’t assume they are lying just because you’ve never seen it happen to them.

Abusive people often take precautions to hide it, so they can make the victim look like the ‘bad guy’ if they try to do anything about it.

Wrestling post of the day: NXT, and why it’s fascinating from a television standpoint.

In the world of TV, the fans often don’t get a very big say in the new characters introduced to a program, if any say at all. It’s  for this reason, that NXT is fascinating.

NXT is kind of like getting to watch the auditions for new actors, as well as the writers’ ideas for new characters, all at once. If a character bombs in NXT, they usually just give that wrestler a new character to try after a few weeks off TV.

If a character tests well with the audience, and gets a positive reaction, there’s a strong chance that character will be added to the main shows, Raw & Smackdown.

It’s just one more way that WWE is a completely unique television and entertainment experience.

Final thought of the day: If you ever need advice on anything, feel free to let me know.

I’ve got a lot of life experiences, which have given me insight into so many things, and it seems a waste not to share that knowledge with those in need of it.

There’s a piece of advice I’d love to give to every person who is starting anti-depressant treatment:

Often, when you first get a prescription for antidepressants, you’ll also be given a large page, with an alarming number of side effects listed. This can be quite worrying, at first.

But, what I’d like you to remember, is that most of those side effects are only listed because they might have happened, one single time, to a patient with a very specific set of conditions. Usually, for legal reasons, a company has to list all known potential side effects of a drug, no matter how isolated they were.

What I’m saying is, in most cases, you won’t get anything more severe than some nausea, and perhaps some disorientation, and unstable moods, for a few days.

I’ve been put on a variety of medications myself, and the worst side effect I ever got was slightly shaky hands, and hypersensitivity to light.

Final thought of the day: If you ever refuse to listen to someone because you assume you can’t learn something from them…

You’re only proving your own inability to learn.

Even people who’s views are completely opposite to your own can teach you things, if you pay enough attention.

And I’m not even saying they’ll change your views. I’m simply saying that learning why someone else believes differently to you can give you interesting lessons and reflections on your own beliefs.

In short, a refusal to listen because you disagree,  is a refusal to learn.

For what little it’s worth in the grand scheme of things, I’d like to state something, completely on the record.

I, as a male who plays video games, would personally love to see more women as playable characters. 

I don’t play video games specifically to relate to the characters. I play them to see another person’s story. The gender of the main character isn’t going to change that.

Wrestling post of the day: WWE’s women’s division.

I often see people complain about how WWE’s women are all terrible wrestlers. The people who say this, usually make one single exception. AJ Lee. Problem is, this not only discredits the work of a large portion of that division who are nearly as good, just as good, or better than AJ, but it also does nothing to solve the problem.

See, unfortunately, WWE has a tendency to just stop caring about things if the fans aren’t behind them. And fans who decide to call women’s matches things like “the piss break match”, or “a waste of time”, or anything like that are part of the problem with the women’s division. If the fans don’t care about the division as a whole, why would WWE care about spending more money on more talented wrestlers for it?

Is this logic flawed? Yes. But it’s been proven in the past to be true, too. The less fans care about a division, the more WWE tends to either fill it with anyone they can find, or just drop it entirely.

What i’m saying, really, is that if you want WWE’s divas division to improve, put more effort into supporting the women who are actually working to improve, instead of tearing down the women who you don’t think belong there.