I'm Keith. I'm 27. I'm Australian. I've never really been the kind of person who fits in, anywhere.

I tend to stand out, for better or worse. I tend not to care what most people think of me, except the people who encourage me to keep being me.

I'm the kind of guy who will quite happily walk down the street in a trenchcoat, top hat, vest, and tie, and not care about the weird looks I get.

I've got three piercings, and one tattoo. I'm looking to get more tattoos, but I'm not sure about more piercings.

I vent my frustrations, anxiety, and depression by writing what could be described as rock music inspired poetry, and frequently by just simply writing about them on this very blog.

I believe the world would be a better place, if we could each make an effort, at least once per day, to make someone else smile.

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Final thought of the day: There’s a big wind storm outside tonight.

I strongly hope that nobody’s been hurt, and there’s been no major damage.

Last time we got one like this, it knocked out the power for nearly 2 days.

Aside from that, though, I think it’s pretty awesome to hear nature’s power outside my window like that.


When your world is shaken,
Right down to the core,
You can rise from the wreckage,
Stronger than ever before.

When you’re pushed to your limit,
Your strength can be shown.
When you’re pushed to the edge,
Claim the edge as your own. 

When your heart is broken,
And wilted, like a flower,
You can rise from the ashes,
And turn your pain to power.

When you’re pushed to your limit,
Your strength can be shown.
When you’re pushed to the edge,
Claim the edge as your own. 

When you feel your life is torn,
And tattered on the ground,
You can rise from the dirt,
With a new strength you’ve found.

When you’re pushed to your limit,
Your strength can be shown.
When you’re pushed to the edge,
Claim the edge as your own. 

I have some new poetry almost ready to go today, based on stories I’ve heard from some of you.

This is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me.

I usually write from my own perspective.

I hope it’s not too bad. Should be uploaded soon.

This is what I look like late at night. About 1 AM. Also known as about 30 minutes ago.

This is what I look like late at night. About 1 AM. Also known as about 30 minutes ago.

This was the sky outside my place today.

This was the sky outside my place today.

Final thought of the day: I find that I worry about things more than I should.

I’m aware that I do it. I’ve done it all my life. Yet, for some reason, I can’t stop doing it, and I have a theory on why that is:

A significant amount of the things I worry about either end up coming true, or have been proven true in the past for me.

I think my worries have been justified a few too many times, leading me to take a “better safe, than sorry” approach, leading me to try to avoid situations I perceive as having a high chance of a negative outcome.

Anonymous asked
Hey man, hope you're doing okay. We've all been through some tough shit in our lives, and that can damage us sometimes, but you're in a good place here where people want to help. So don't forget those around you and in the tumblr community :) Hope you have a nice day from here on out :) A friend

I am okay. 

I use this blog sometimes just to vent certain thoughts in my head.

I should probably elaborate on that last one a bit, though.

I was basically saying there, that sometimes, I need people to show me that our friendship isn’t just a one way street, or anything like that, or it makes me question why they really want me around. I find it hard to trust people who expect more from me than they’d be willing to give in return.

I’ve had a lot of people hurt me in my life. People who I thought I could trust.

This has left me damaged. 

I honestly need reassurance from some people that they’re not trying to harm me, unless I trust them absolutely.

Final thought of the day: Some people’s ‘guilty pleasures’…

Show both a very low threshold for both guilt, and for pleasure. 

I think this is one my favourite lessons learned from watching Tim Minchin’s comedy.

I think he says it better than I: 


If you’ve never heard this song, I recommend it:

"Anastasia" - Slash, with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

Wrestling post of the day: It bugs me when people are overly critical of the acting in wrestling.

I mean, here’s the thing: Most of the time, these wrestlers get their scripts the same day they have to do the scenes, and usually only have one chance to get it right.

I mean, think what you will about it, but there’s very few actors out there who would even attempt to work under those conditions, let alone give a perfect performance every time.

Just because you’re entitled to express an opinion, doesn’t mean everyone else must agree.

In fact, it usually means the opposite. As much as you have the right to say whatever you want, people have an equal right to point out the evidence that shows your opinion is not a fact.

Final thought of the day: I struggle to see positive things.

I really do struggle with that every day.

And I’m going to be honest here, and probably a little bit blunt: I’ve gone for years of my life, without even considering the idea that I’d ever be an old man someday. I often questioned if I’d even make it to the end of each year.

But, during those times when things seem to be okay, and I do find myself thinking about life 1, 5, 10, 25, or even 50 years from now, there’s a few constants. I hope that whatever happens, and wherever I end up, that the people I love, and trust right now will still be in my life.

And, odds are, if you’re someone who’s taken the time to read this, or someone who takes the time to read most of these final thoughts, or if you’re someone who’s made an effort to spend time with me for the sake of spending time with me… if you’re any of these, chances are, you’re one of those people I hope will be part of my life until I’m no more than a memory, (which will hopefully be a great many years from now).

I am strongly considering adding one of these three jackets to my collection in the next few months. 

I just can’t decide which one I like most.

What do you think?